CDL Training and Truck Driving Schools

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Check out our featured CDL Training Schools in California, Ohio, Nevada, Tennessee, Virginia, Oklahoma and Washington!

Find CDL training in your area with our map and lists of the best truck driving schools across the country. We put together a list of the best truck driving schools in the United States. so you don’t have to spend valuable time researching when you can be training.

We understand you want to get on the road with a steady and desirable job behind the wheel of a big rig, and the road to becoming a truck driver may get a little confusing at times, so we want to help you get there. First and most important is to make sure you meet the requirements to become a truck driver. If you meet these requirements, you are ready to move forward.

The key to becoming a truck driver is holding a commercial driver license (CDL). Most people can’t just show up at the DMV and pass the CDL exams. There are many truck driving laws, regulations and skills you must learn to become a truck driver, and a CDL training school is the place to go to master them.

Qualified Truck Driving Schools

Our featured truck driving schools offer students qualified instructors with years of experience in the truck driving industry to help you learn everything (even a few secrets) about driving a big rig. They also offer on-site training equipment so you can get behind-the-wheel truck driver training before taking the CDL skills test.

Truck Driving School Financial Aid

The help doesn’t stop there. Our featured truck driving schools also provide their students with financial aid to help you find money to pay for truck driving school!

Truck Driver School Job Placement

You’ll also be glad to hear our CDL training schools have truck driving job placement programs to help you find a job after graduation. There are a number of different job offering out there to students, such as contract training, job fairs, direct connection to recruiters and more.

If you are ready to start an exciting, new career as a truck driver, don’t hesitate another minute! Find the truck driving school you’re looking for right now and fill out our application form or call 1-800-TRUCKER (1-800-878-2537) to get started today!

The only thing standing between you and getting a paycheck is a few short weeks of training and a commercial driver license (CDL)!

Our Top-Rated Truck Driving Schools

California Truck Driving School: TDA Drivers with locations in Southern (Fontana), Central (Modesto) and Northern (Sacramento and Yuba City) California is one of our highest rated truck driving schools because they offer students contract training with Central Refrigerated  one of the leading trucking companies in the country.

Tennessee Truck Driving School: TDA Drivers is also located in Memphis, TN.

Washington Truck Driving SchoolTDA Drivers is also located in Federal Way, Washington and serves the nearby cities of Kent, Seattle and Tacoma.

Ohio Truck Driving School: Great Lakes Truck Driving School in Medina, OH is great at getting truck driving jobs for their graduates. Located near Cleveland and Akron, Great Lakes Truck Driving School is located close to many truck driving hopefuls.

Virginia Truck Driving School: CDS Tractor Trailer Training has two locations in Virginia (Roanoke and Woodford) for your convenience. They are also one of our top rated truck driving schools because of the curriculum they offer students.

Michigan Truck Driving School: International Trucking School not only has a great CDL training program, but they have six location throughout Southern Michigan covering a wide range of residents. ITS has locations in Canton, Lansing, Kalamazoo, Warren, Centreville and Monroe.

Alabama Truck Driving School: Affordable Truck Driver Training is a great choice for CDL training if you live near Moulton, AL. They are one of our least expensive truck driving schools, but don’t hold back on the CDL training.

Colorado Truck Driving School: CDL Safety School in Colorado only takes a few weeks to complete and then you can be on your way to earning a paycheck.

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