Getting Your Truck Driving License in California

Getting Your Truck Driving License in CaliforniaLearning how to drive a commercial truck can be an exciting venture, especially if you want to turn it into a lucrative career. Once you acquire your CDL and gain some experience, the sky is the limit. You can become a driver-owner of one or more trucks or you could consider starting your own trucking company with a fleet of vehicles. There are so many routes you can take once you have a CDL in your wallet.

Know Where to Obtain the Best Training

The first step in becoming a licensed truck driver in the state of California is to find out where the best training is offered. Truck drivers will provide you with plenty of information on where to get training, but the ultimate option is that of TDA. TDA is an educational company that trains drivers from across the country, both veterans and rookies. Many major trucking companies from all over the United States send their drivers to TDA for continued training.

Class Options Available from TDA

TDA offers two main training programs; Contract CDL Training and OTR Truck Driver Training.

The Contract CDL Training course is available for people who get pre-hired at a trucking company and then are sent to get trained at TDA by the hiring company. The hiring company pays for the training session and the employee pays the state licensing fees.

The OTR Truck Driver Training program is for people who want to become licensed truck drivers in California, but have yet to be hired at any trucking company. They take the course, which includes classroom training and road training, and then receive their license so they can apply for trucking jobs in California.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver in California, give the professionals a call today at 1-800-TRUCKER for training course information.

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What’s on the CDL Practice Test?

What’s on the CDL Practice TestIf you are interested in earning your CDL, commercial driver’s license, then you will need to study quite a bit of information to go along with learning how to physically drive trucks. There are various types of CDL practice tests available today and we will discuss them here today.

General Knowledge Practice Test

One of the most important CDL tests is the general knowledge test. You can obtain this test online for free in an effort to study for the real thing so you do not waste your money taking the test multiple times. On this test you will find questions about security gear that needs to be kept in the truck, what parts of the truck are found where, and how to put out fires involving gasoline.

Tanker Endorsement Practice Test

Whether or not you already have a CDL, you will need to pass the Tanker Endorsement Test in order to be cleared to drive a tanker truck. On this practice test you will find questions about what types of liquids to load into a tanker truck, how to avoid an accident, bore tanks and much more.

Air Brakes Practice Test

Driving a truck with a CDL means that you must know how to use air brakes. On this practice test you will see questions regarding slack adjusters, the use of adjustable wrenches on brakes, how to brake on steep downgrades, and much more.

How to Transport Cargo Safely Test

Another vital aspect of the job when driving a truck is knowing how to transport cargo safely. On this test you will be asked questions about properly securing cargo on a flatbed, how to properly load your enclosed trailer, and how to drive a flatbed trailer.

If you are interested in becoming a CDL holder, contact the offices of at 1-800-878-2537 to discuss your opportunities.

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Are Truck Driving Jobs Well-Paid?

Are Truck Driving Jobs Well-Paid?Trucks are the backbone of the country because they transport goods from coast to coast for retailers to sell in their stores. Those goods include food, clothing, toys, technology, and much more. Driving a truck can be a very lucrative job for the right person. Most of these jobs are paid per mile driven and depending on the company, you could receive an excellent benefits package.

Below-Average Pay

For most truck driving jobs, anything position that pays less than .40 cents per mile is considered a below-average paying job. This means that you will make roughly less than $40,000 per year driving a truck.

Average Pay

The average pay for a truck driver should fall into the range of .40-.45 cents per mile. This equates to $50,000-$60,000 per year depending on the amount of miles you drive. Obviously, mileage is a major factor in trucking, so be sure you try to find a job that will have you on the road often.

Above Average Pay

Most above average pay jobs for truckers lands at .50 cents or more per mile driven. This equates to more than $60,000 per year depending on the amount of miles driven.

Despite all of these numbers, if you have OTR experience, you should be able to find a trucking job that pays in the average to above average range. Also, jobs that require you to drive a flat-bed truck, heavy-haul drivers, and step-deck positions can pay significantly more than a regular truck driving job.

If you want to work as an owner-operator trucker, you could make more than $100,000 per year if you have the experience working as a truck driver.

If you are interested in earning a CDL and becoming a truck driver, be sure to call the offices of CDL License at 1-800-TRUCKER or visit us online at

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OTR vs. LTL Trucking

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to drive a truck for a living? Have you ever wanted to travel the country and get paid at the same time? Do you think you have what it takes to be a safe, courteous driver for a company? If so, then examining a possible job in the trucking industry might be in your best interest. There are two common types of trucking jobs in the United States, OTR trucking and LTL trucking.OTR vs. LTL Trucking

OTR Trucking

OTR is an acronym that is short for “over-the-road.” An OTR truck driver is usually on the road for two weeks or more at a time. These types of drivers are long haul drivers, taking freight from one part of the country to the other over a long span of time. They deliver anything from clothing to non-perishable goods to construction equipment. For the most part, these truck drivers are home anywhere from one to two weekends each month and for most of the national holidays.

LTL Trucking

If long haul trucking is not something you are interested in, you can take a look at what LTL truck drivers do for a living. LTL is an acronym for “less-than-truckload.” These truck drivers are usually on the road just one day at a time, delivering products locally. These truck drivers typically operate trucks that have two or three trailers attached to them. The drivers make multiple stops each day at different locations to deliver the goods they carry.

If you are considering a job as a truck driver, whether OTR or LTL, be sure to speak with a representative from about your interest. Call the office at 1-800-TRUCKER to have your questions answered by veteran truck drivers who know the ins-and-outs of the job and the industry.

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Is Now A Good Time to Become a Trucker?

Is Now A Good Time to Become a Trucker?Yes! In fact, there’s never been as good a time as now to become a full-fledged truck driver. There’s a nationwide trucker shortage plaguing the country, making it difficult for many companies to get their shipments from point A to point B. Companies are looking for licensed and fully accredited truck drivers to join their ranks and keep the vital transportation systems in this country flowing.

What the Trucker Shortage Means for You

As an aspiring trucker, you should know that the truck driver shortage means there’s a huge influx of open positions at trucking companies. It also means that many of these companies are willing to help aspiring truckers out a bit more than usual if it means getting qualified people on their teams.

Some companies offer work for hire programs. Others will help pay for your education and CDL license if it means you’ll work for them once you’re done with your training. Many companies will also help guide you toward the best government financial assistance programs available.

With too few truckers on the roads and just as many shipments needing to be hauled, companies are scrambling. So if you’re interested in becoming a trucker, now is the time to jump in head first. You just want to make sure you work for a company that’s on the up and up and not looking to base rate your pay, of course. But for the most part, fresh out of trucking school folks are in high demand.

If you need help figuring out the training process, getting your CDL or locating a job, get in touch with today. Call us at 1-800-TRUCKER to get the information you need to get behind the wheel of a truck sooner rather than later.

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