Average Salaries for All Truck Driving Jobs

One of the best career choices in the United States is to become a professional truck driver. A truck driving job offers great pay, job stability and terrific benefits.

The nation’s economy depends on the movement of products. Most goods are moved by truck which means the nation depends heavily on its trucking industry. So it’s safe to assume that there’ll probably never be a slump in truck driving jobs.

At present, truck driving ranks among the highest of the country’s fast-growing professions. It is also one of the best professions for entry-level payment. Nonetheless the trucking industry is experiencing an acute shortage of well-trained professional truck drivers, with many truck driving jobs waiting for the right applicants.

To become a professional truck driver you need to hold a Class A CDL license. If you graduate from a truck driving school with PTDI certification that is an additional advantage because it means you have had the best possible driving training with a fair amount of behind-the-wheel experience. With a CDL license you are assured of a truck driving job with a great career ahead of you.

A truck driver’s pay calculation is somewhat different to other jobs.Most truck driving jobs are paid on a mileage. This means that the more you drive, the more you earn. As a guideline, a rookie driver would start at an average of around $.28 per mile.

Here is an indicative chart of what you can expect to be paid in various truck driving jobs:

• Truck driver heavy – tractor/trailer        $36,000 – $57,000

• Truck driver dump truck                        $36,000- $57,000

• Truck driver light – delivery services       $12.18 – $18.47 per hour

• Truck drive – tow truck                          $ 9.76 – $13.99 per hour

• Garbage truck driver                              $13.58 – $19.08 per hour

So now that you know what you can earn, get yourself a CDL license for a secure and well-paid truck driving job.

Call CDL License at 1-800-878-2537 today and ask for the school nearest you.

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