CDL Endorsement and Restriction Codes


CDL endorsements are required for some truck drivers that intend to drive a specific type of commercial motor vehicle (CMV). Additional testing is required for each type of endorsement.

  • H – Hazardous Material endrosement is required for truck drivers that intend to drive CMVs transporting hazardous materials. You are required to pass a background check and knowledge test.
  • N – Tank Vehicle endorsement is required for truck drivers that intend to drive CMVs designed to transport liquid or gaseous materials in a tanker that is either permanently attached or temporairly attached (trailer) to the vehicle. You are required to pass both a knowledge test and tank road skills test.
  • P – Passenger endorsement is required for any CMV intended to trasport 16 or more passengers (including driver). You must pass both a knowledge and skills passenger test.
  • S – School Bus endorsement is required for those who wish to drive a school bus transporting 16 or more persons (including driver). You must pass both a knowledge and skills school bus test.
  • T – Double/Triple Trailer endorsement is required for drivers transporting two or three trailer combinations in states that allow. You are required to only pass a knowledge test.
  • X – Combination Hazardous/Tank Vehicle endorsment is required for drivers who intend to operate vehicles that haul hazardous materials in tanker vehicles (combines both the H and N endorsements). You are required to pass both a knowledge and skills test after passing a background check.

Other Notes:

  • You must renew your H or X endorsment every 5 years with a background check and retaking the knowledge test.



CDL restirictions are codes on your commercial driver license that regulate what types of commercial motor vehicle (CMVs) you are allowed to legally drive.

  • J restricition means you are only allowed to operate passenger or school bus type CMVs.
  • K restriction means you may not operate a vehicle with air birakes. You must pass the air brake road test to remove this restriction.
  • L restriction means you can not opperate a CMV outside of Virginia.
  • M restricition means you can only operate a passenger bus restricted to either a Class B or Class C vehicle.
  • N restriction means you may only operated a Class C passenger vehicle.
  • Y restriction means you must wear corrective lenses when operating a commercial motor vehicle.
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