CDL Qualifications and Disqualifications

Driving a truck requires specialized skills and knowledge and the US Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has specific CDL qualifications and disqualifications parameters you need to be aware of for a successful truck driving career. Among the key CDL qualifications and disqualifications are that you must pass the Commercial Driver’s License skills test. Each state has its tests and systems, but all have to meet the minimum federal regulations. At CDLLicense we help you through the entire process from start to getting the license you need.

The Basic Knowledge You Need

CDL qualifications and disqualifications include knowledge of the kind of vehicle you will be driving, knowledge of air-brakes and various other skills that a trucker driver needs. The federal CDL regulations that define CDL qualifications and disqualifications also state that to obtain a CDL all licenses that have been issued by other states have to be surrendered. The CDL qualifications and disqualifications also state that every license must contain information regarding the driver’s address, age, date of birth, weight, height and sex along with the license holder’s signature. In addition the license must have the name of the state, the number of the license, the dates of issues and expiry, information on any restrictions etc. or the holder will be in violation of the CDL qualifications and disqualifications policy.

CDLLicense – The Best Way to Get a CDL

With CDLLicence finding a truck driving school near you is easy – we offer you the best truck driving schools in the country so that you can be sure that the training you get will be exactly what you need. We will work with you to ensure that CDL qualifications and disqualifications are not issues that will affect your getting the CDL you need.

The trucking profession is one with huge potential and rewards. Call CDLLicense now at 1800-TRUCKER to get started on the kind of future you have been dreaming of.

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