How much do Truck Drivers Earn?

Road transportation is the backbone of the American economy. Most goods and products are transported through road transportation. It is perhaps this reason that truck drivers are in such high demand all through the year. However, truck driving is not the profession for everyone but how many truck drivers are being laid off? Even in this ongoing recession, truck drivers are still needed.

When thinking about walking through the door into a truck driving profession, most people would like to ask: how much do truck drivers make? Knowing the salary is pivotal before you make any career decision.

When it comes to the pay package that you can expect as a truck driver, it largely depends on various factors, such as the trucking company which hires you, as well as your own skills as a trucker. However, most truck drivers are able to make around $32,000 to $42,000 annually in the beginning of their career.Your truck driver salary can increase though and there are promotional opportunities. You can become the dispatcher, you can work over time, you can become qualified for transporting more lucrative items, and make transportation runs that pay more.As you continue driving and your experience and expertise increases, your pay will gradually increase reflecting where you are at in the profession.

If you have obtained your CDL, you could consider transporting hazardous material and fuel. Surely, there are some risks involved, but the starting pay can rise close to $60,000 or more per annum.

Eventually, you can even own your own truck and set your own fees and hours. You can even dictate your distance and geographic range. Perhaps you could even find the time to coach your son’s Little League Team. Moreover, most owner operators, earn somewhere around $100,000 to $150,000 annually with about 50% operating costs. Thismeans that as an operator, you can expect a truck driver’s income of around $50,000 to $75,000 every year.

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