How to Apply for a CDL in California (CA)

Apply for California (CA) CDL with TDA Drivers

commercial driver’s license or a CDL is the dream of many. A CDL, California (CA) hopefuls say, increases your chances of bagging a lucrative job with a trucking company, brings with it a tidy pay packet along with attractive perks, and gives you the opportunity to travel far and wide. A CDL, California (CA)aspirants declare, is the passport to a better and a more exciting life. So it is not surprising that there is a beeline for a CDL. California (CA) rules for applying for this license vary slightly in comparison to other states. So, when applying for a CDL, California (CA) rules that you need to keep in mind are the following:

• To secure a CDL, California (CA) Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) makes it mandatory that the applicant must be at least 21 years of age. Those who wish to obtain a license to carry hazardous materials must additionally undergo a security test.

• Get yourself a CDL practice permit by sitting for a written test. You will be tested on the contents in the California Commercial Driver Handbook. After you have studied the handbook by heart, go to the local DMV office and fill out form DL44C.Then you will be asked to provide evidence corroborating your age and Social Security number, show a medical certificate, and take a vision test. Pay the application fee specific to the class of vehicle that you want to drive, and good luck on the test!

• After you have secured your permit, it is time you learned the ropes of driving a rig or a mammoth trailer. When applying for a CDL, California (CA) truckers advise that you enroll in a reputable truck driving schoolwhere you will not only be taught how to drive (if you don’t already), but also the trucking laws that apply to the state and basic troubleshooting tips that will stand you in good stead when you are being interviewed by potential employers.

• When you are confident with your driving skills, take the wheel test after getting in touch with a Commercial Driving test office.

When you apply for a CDL, California (CA) truck driving schools will equip you with the requisite knowledge and skills to come out with flying colors. Get in touch with us for a comprehensive list of trucking schools in California. At CDL License, we have prepared this list to spare you the trouble of running around and making enquiries. Call us at 1-800-878-2537 to find out more.

Apply for CDL in California (CA)

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