New Trucking Technology That is Ruling the Roads

The trucking industry is in the midst of a revolution and nowhere is it more evident than in the steady influx ofnew trucking technology that is taking over the roads. The need for new trucking technology has been necessitated by the demand for a steady supply of goods in a fast moving economy and an extremely competitive business environment.

The most readily seen example of new trucking technology is in the satellite tracking, navigation, and communication methods that are increasingly being used by carriers to improve efficiency and reduce wastage of both movement and goods. There is more evidence of new trucking technology influencing how truckers are operating on the roads—most notably in the realm of wireless connectivity, including Bluetooth functionality.

A recent mandate by the U.S. Department of Transportation has made it compulsory that all long-distance inter-state carriers be equipped with Electronic On-Board Recorders that will track the hours of service being put in by the drivers. Another oft-noted example of new trucking technology on the roads is in the use of fuel efficient contraptions and vehicle parts. For instance, many diesel trucks are now equipped with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) technology that make them cleaner and greener.

With carriers employing new trucking technology, the role of truck drivers has seen a shift, to being knowledgeable workers as well. Truckers are now expected to keep abreast with the new trucking technology. So wouldn’t it be great if your trucking school initiated you into the basics of the technologies that are prevailing presently? To ensure that you enroll into a trucking school with such a comprehensive syllabi, call us at 1-800-878-2537. We, at CDL, have stocked up on an extensive list of reputable trucking schools all over the country along with information about their courses. Get in touch with us before you make a choice that will affect your career.

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