Selecting a Truck Driver Training School

So you want to be a trucker. You have made a very good decision.  Selecting a truck driving school can be a complicated and often confusing procedure. There are hundreds of truck driver training schools all over America, and they all claim to be the best.  If you do not already have a CDL License, then you will need professional CDL training.  CDL stands for commercial drivers license.  Now you need to select aCDL training school, to obtain your CDL License.

Some important things to keep in mind when comparing truck driver training schools are:

A.  How many years are they in the CDL Training business?

B.  Do they have more than one facility?

C.  Do you have to work for a specific company for a committed period of time, after you graduate?

D.  If you quit from the company they place you with, do you owe the school more money?

If you have decided to enter the world of professional truck driving, you need the right truck driving training school.  There are many schools in every state.  To receive the best CDL education possible, you should make sure that the school has references from trucking companies that have hired their CDL graduates.

Enrolling yourself in a truck driving training school is not as easy as it looks, because there are so many factors driving your professional education, and how fast you will be put to work.  Many people say that it is better to borrow the money to pay for your full tuition, than to be held hostage by working for a contract firm who pays for most of your tuition.  Many contract firms expect you to drive for them for 1-2 years, at a low wage, until your tuition is paid off.

There is nothing wrong with getting your CDL training at a contract-school, provided that you understand that there will be some weeks that you will not be driving as frequently as other weeks.  It could take you 2-3 years in some cases, to work-off your CDL training.  However, if you can afford your full tuition, without being obligated to working for a specific company, than you have more freedom to take employment with a trucking company hiring CDL trained drivers at higher pay.

If you are confused, after taking the time to make a decision, simply call 1-800-TRUCKER. We are happy to help answer any questions for you, that might help you decide which school to attend.

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