Studying for your CDL Permit Test

The trucking industry is easily one of the most rewarding industries in the world. As long as the need for transport of goods from one corner of the country to another exists, truck driving jobs will find takers. If you are considering shifting careers to the truck driving industry, the very first step you need to work toward is getting your commerical driver license (CDL).

Before you can get your commercial driver license, you must get a CDL permit, just like with a regular driver’s license. After you have studied and trained one of our truck driving schools, you will have to pass a written and skills test. Once completed, you will be issued a CDL permit. This permit allows you to drive a big rig with a qualified person in the seat next to you.

Getting a CDL permit is not difficult at all if you know what are the subjects and topics that you need to be well versed with. In most states, there are 9 versions of a CDL permit test. The cut off percentage is 80 percent and you will have to answer a total of 100 questions. While the examination is not difficult, there are some people who require more than one attempt to pass it. In the event that you fail the CDL permit examination 3 times, you will have a waiting cool off period of 30 days before you are allowed to take the test once more. Once you have cleared the examination, you will get your CDL permit after which you have one year’s time to get your CDL.

The questions in the permit examination are centered on three main subjects which are General Knowledge, Air Brake Systems and Combination Vehicles Knowledge.  Unlike regular GK examinations, the CDL permit test component will test you on basics like mechanics, driving safety and protocol as well as maintenance of vehicles. The Air Brakes component is specific to truckers because most other vehicles utilize anti-lock brakes. In the Combination Vehicles section you will be tested on the basics of combination vehicles.

To learn more about getting training for your CDL permit, call CDL License at 1-800-TRUCKER or 1-800-878-2537 today.

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