Tips for New CDL Drivers to Be Safe on the Road

You have endured your way through a truck driving school and rightfully earned your commercial driver’s license (CDL). You have also attained a truck driver’s job that promises many exciting hours on the road, traveling through distant lands, interspersed with long periods of time that you can spend with your family. But in your enthusiasm to hit the roads, do not neglect safety concerns. Here are some tips for new CDL drivers; you may have been taught these in your truck driving school, but there’s no harm in brushing up on the knowledge before you take the wheels:

• Tips for new CDL drivers cannot stress the importance of signaling early enough. This includes signaling long before you are scheduled to halt at an intersection and slowing down before you stop completely. These are for the safety of the motorists behind you, who might not know which way you are turning or how long does it take for a truck to come to a complete stop.

• Remember might is not right. So try not changing your lanes too often. Tips for new CDL driversemphasize on the importance of always keeping in mind that trucking blind spots are large.

• Brimming with enthusiasm, many new drivers fail to pay attention to parking regulations. Tips for new CDL drivers harp a lot on these, like using flares, flashers, and safety triangles before pulling on to one side of the road; not parking near driveways or side streets; and never parking when facing incoming traffic.

• Many new CDL drivers who are unaccustomed to managing a truck are unsure about idling rules. Tips for new CDL drivers make it clear that trucks should not be kept idle for more than five minutes at a stretch, when temperatures are above 20-degrees Fahrenheit nor be idle when sleeping, loading and unloading goods, and when away from the vehicle.

The tips above for new CDL drivers are only the most important ones amongst a whole host of others. Many reputable truck driving schools do not just stop short at teaching the basics of maneuvering and how to wield a jack knife; they also equip their students with these tips for new CDL drivers so that they may drive safely.

If you are looking for truck driving schools that offer such comprehensive knowledge, call usCDL License, at 1-800-878-2537; we can provide you with an extensive list of reputable driving schools that will not only train you to earn your commercial driver’s license but will also teach you all the tricks of the trade to be safe and responsible driver.

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