Truck Driver Shortage in US

Did you know that there is a truck driver shortage in the United States at the moment? Well, there is and despite the recession and the poor economy, truck driving companies are having trouble filling open positions.

Why is There a Truck Driver Shortage?

An improving economy may actually be partially to blame for the truck driver shortage. In fact, as the economy rebounds, the volume of freight shipments increase, leading to a sudden and dramatic increase in the number of drivers required to get everything to where it needs to be. As more people demand products and sales increase, so does the need for truck drivers.

Basically, the improvement happens so fast that the supply of truck drivers can’t meet the demand. In fact, truck drivers make up one of the largest occupations in the U.S. It makes up 3.2 million positions as of 2008 and even more now.

The new Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Comprehensive Safety Analysis may also be to blame since it places more regulations on driving records and fleet records. Fleet’s with a poor record on safety have been suspended, shortening the supply even further.

Truck Driver Shortage: How Bad Is it?

Pretty bad. In fact, 2011 saw a shortage of nearly 500,000 drivers. And it just keeps going up and up. While this is bad news for companies trying to book truck drivers to ship products across the country, it’s good news for those looking to enter the trucking industry at this moment. In fact, the truck driver shortage means there are numerous open positions just ready for the taking.

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