Truck Driving as a Career

Truck driving  is one of America’s most admired careers.  That’s because without trucks, America stands still.  Every time someone passes a large semi truck on the highway, that truck driver is thought of by the passing motorist.  People are very grateful for the driving ability of truck drivers, because of the size of their load, and the skill required to safely drive that large rig.

When someone pulls into a gas station or a truck stop, those big-rig drivers are looked at with constant admiration and respect, by all other motorists.  It takes guts, fortitude and talent to drive one of those large rigs, and everyone who sees them on the highway knows that the job performed by that truck driver is one of rare personality. You can start your career fast, by calling 1-800-TRUCKER.

This is also the best time to think about a career as a truck driver. It has been estimated that in the next five years, there will be a shortage of over 250,000 professional CDL truck drivers.  That means that trucking companies will have to pay well to get the experienced drivers.  Also, the longer you drive, and the more miles you accumulate as a licensed trucker, the higher wages you can command.

Owning your own big-rig is the American dream.  After a few years logging long-haul hours with a national firm, you can likely obtain financing to purchase your own personal semi-truck.  You can paint your own colors, add pin strips, flames, even pictures and your name on the doors or body of your sleeper cab.  Driving the national highways is a dream of most truckers.

After you have attended trucker school, you can start making your plans for your future as one of America’s premier long-haul truckers.  Don’t forget to beep your air horn for the kids passing you on the highway, when you see them acknowledging their love and respect for you.

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