Getting Your Truck Driving License in California

Getting Your Truck Driving License in CaliforniaLearning how to drive a commercial truck can be an exciting venture, especially if you want to turn it into a lucrative career. Once you acquire your CDL and gain some experience, the sky is the limit. You can become a driver-owner of one or more trucks or you could consider starting your own trucking company with a fleet of vehicles. There are so many routes you can take once you have a CDL in your wallet.

Know Where to Obtain the Best Training

The first step in becoming a licensed truck driver in the state of California is to find out where the best training is offered. Truck drivers will provide you with plenty of information on where to get training, but the ultimate option is that of TDA. TDA is an educational company that trains drivers from across the country, both veterans and rookies. Many major trucking companies from all over the United States send their drivers to TDA for continued training.

Class Options Available from TDA

TDA offers two main training programs; Contract CDL Training and OTR Truck Driver Training.

The Contract CDL Training course is available for people who get pre-hired at a trucking company and then are sent to get trained at TDA by the hiring company. The hiring company pays for the training session and the employee pays the state licensing fees.

The OTR Truck Driver Training program is for people who want to become licensed truck drivers in California, but have yet to be hired at any trucking company. They take the course, which includes classroom training and road training, and then receive their license so they can apply for trucking jobs in California.

If you are interested in becoming a truck driver in California, give the professionals a call today at 1-800-TRUCKER for training course information.

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