What Commercial Driver License (CDL) Is Best For Me?

Truck driving is fast becoming one of the most popular careers today, which surprisingly is attracting people of all ages. School leavers are taking to trucking because of the excitement which comes with the job. Middle-aged people too are embracing it because it provides a good wage and security. Memories of the pain of lost jobs during the recent economic depression still linger in their minds. Another category of people attracted by truck driving are military veterans returning from overseas placement.

The first step toward a truck driving job is to earn a Commercial Driver License (CDL). The best way to do this is to join a program at a truck driving school which will provide training leading to a Commercial Driver License (CDL). To earn a CDL you need to be at least 18-years of age and pass a CDL test which is partly written and partly a practical test of your driving skills. But till you are 21-years old your Commercial Driver License (CDL) will entitle you to drive only within the borders of your own state.

Depending on the type of vehicle you plan to drive, you will have to earn an appropriate endorsement to yourCommercial Driver License (CDL). Check with your local DMV office or nearest truck driving school for what type of endorsement you need.

It is to your advantage to have as many endorsements as you can get on your Commercial Driver License (CDL). This will empower you to drive a wider range of vehicles which enhances your employability prospects. Talk this over with the job placement department of your driving school who will guide you on which endorsement to your Commercial Driver License (CDL) will be best for you.

For a list of truck driving schools in your state which provide training for your Commercial Driver License (CDL), call CDLLicense at 1-800-878-2537 today.

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