What’s on the CDL Practice Test?

What’s on the CDL Practice TestIf you are interested in earning your CDL, commercial driver’s license, then you will need to study quite a bit of information to go along with learning how to physically drive trucks. There are various types of CDL practice tests available today and we will discuss them here today.

General Knowledge Practice Test

One of the most important CDL tests is the general knowledge test. You can obtain this test online for free in an effort to study for the real thing so you do not waste your money taking the test multiple times. On this test you will find questions about security gear that needs to be kept in the truck, what parts of the truck are found where, and how to put out fires involving gasoline.

Tanker Endorsement Practice Test

Whether or not you already have a CDL, you will need to pass the Tanker Endorsement Test in order to be cleared to drive a tanker truck. On this practice test you will find questions about what types of liquids to load into a tanker truck, how to avoid an accident, bore tanks and much more.

Air Brakes Practice Test

Driving a truck with a CDL means that you must know how to use air brakes. On this practice test you will see questions regarding slack adjusters, the use of adjustable wrenches on brakes, how to brake on steep downgrades, and much more.

How to Transport Cargo Safely Test

Another vital aspect of the job when driving a truck is knowing how to transport cargo safely. On this test you will be asked questions about properly securing cargo on a flatbed, how to properly load your enclosed trailer, and how to drive a flatbed trailer.

If you are interested in becoming a CDL holder, contact the offices of CDLLicense.com at 1-800-878-2537 to discuss your opportunities.

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