Winter Driving Safety Tips for Truckers

You have to admit it, all those episodes of Ice Road Trucker have got the adrenaline rushing in you and you are raring to take out that rig of yours and hit the roads, come rain, snow, sleet, or hail. But remember all the truckers who took part in the show are experienced drivers and followed winter driving safety tips for truckers to a T. These safety tips for truckers ensured that they were safe on those dangerous, icy roads and delivered their goods on time.

Whether you are fresh out of trucking school or a seasoned professional, this is just the right time to learn or brush up on, as the case may be, on the winter driving safety tips for truckers.  Here are the cardinal ones:

• All discussion on winter driving safety tips for truckers begin with this commandment—have a cushion of space both in front of you and behind your truck. While it is easy to keep your distance from the vehicle in front, you may have to sometimes slow down to let others behind you pass, especially those drivers who feel content just to casually tail you. Not keeping this amount of space—and it can never be too much—has been behind many a horrific pile-ups of several vehicles.

• Be careful of skidding on wet and slippery roads. Also, while you are peering at the road ahead, also keep an eye on the brake lights of the other vehicles in front of you. These will give a clear indication of any slick spots that are lying in wait for you.

• Winter driving safety tips for truckers recommend going slow and for good reason. Snowy and icy roads severely hamper you from keeping your traction, so don’t slam on the brakes or step on the pedal too hard. Steering slowly can help you avoid skids and jack knifes.

• Winter driving safety tips for truckers keep reminding that there are many drivers out there who are not aware of the tips to drive safely in these conditions. There are many who are in such a hurry to stop that they slam down the brakes and just slide through the sign. So, when driving on back streets, make it a point that you approach any intersection cautiously and slowly, especially when you cannot see what’s coming up the street.

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