CDS CDL Training Financial Aid

CDS Tractor Trailer Training is just below average for cost of tuition when it comes to CDL training. For class A training, tuition is $5,000, however if you pay with cash or credit card, you will receive a $1,000 discount. For class B CDL training, tuition is $3,500, or $3,000 when you pay with cash or credit card. CDS accepts both MasterCard and Visa.

Another financial aid option available with CDS Tractor Trailer Training is tuition reimbursement. Most over-the-road trucking companies will cover the cost of tuition for new drivers.

CDS also offers a guaranteed financing option where all students can receive a loan offer. The amount of the loan is based on credit, so if you have weak credit, you may want to get a co-signer or offer some type of collateral.

The maximum loan amounts are $4,000 for class A CDL training and $2,500 for class B CDL training. Interest rate is 21%, payments average between $100-120 per month, and the first payment is due approximately 30 days after the scheduled graduation day.

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