Steps to Getting Your CDL in Seattle, WA

1.      Study for your Washington commercial driver license by applying for our Seattle, WA CDL training school.

Apply for Seattle, WA CDL Training School

2.      Apply for your CDL instruction permit (CDIP).

a.      Pass the knowledge test, scores are valid for 1 year.

b.      Bring the following with you to the test:

i.     Current license

ii.     Social Security Number

iii.     $10 Application fee; pay with cash, check, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit cards, some Visa debit cards if accepted at your location.

c.      CDIP is valid for 6 months and may be renewed once.

3.      For interstate driving, you must hold and keep current a medical examiner’s certificate.

4.      Complete the minimum training requirements for your class of license. Our Seattle, Washington CDL training school is approved by the state of Washington.

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