How to Apply for CDL in Stockton, CA


Steps to Apply for California Commercial Driver’s Permit in Stockton, CA

1.     Apply for Stockton, California truck driving school. Classes can be completed in a matter of weeks, so get started today!

Apply for Stockton, California Truck Driving School

2.     Complete the California Commercial Driver License application (Form DL 44C). You can obtain the form by visiting your local DMV office or by calling 1.800.777.0123 to have a form mailed to you.

Forms are not provided online because original signatures or required on the form.

3.     You are required to complete a 10 Year History Record Check form (Form DL 939) if issued a driver license in the same or different name within the previous 10 years. Click the link above to view and print the form (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader).

For instructions about completing this form, click here.

4.     Give your thumb print at the DMV office.

5.     Get your picture taken at the DMV office.

6.     Verify your social security number with a non-laminated Social Security Card, Medicare card, U.S. Armed Forces ID, or Military separation document.

7.     Verify your birth date and legal presence with one of the following:

a.     U.S. Birth Certificate (includes Birth Abroad and U.S. Territory)

b.     U.S. Passport or Passport Card

c.      U.S. Military IDs

See more valid verification documents here.

8.     Pay application fee for a 5 year license. The fee ranges from $34-$66 depending on the following criteria.

a.     Original license, with or without a driving test (currently NOT holding a CA driver license) = $66

b.     Upgrade your current CA driver license, remove a restriction requiring a driving test, and/or add passenger endorsement = $64

c.      Add endorsement not requiring a driving test, add noncommercial Class A to Commercial Class B, and/or add motorcycle endorsement = $34

9.     Pass the vision exam. Drivers must have 20/40 vision with both eyes and each eye individually. Corrective lenses are acceptable.

10.  Submit a Medical Examination Report (Form DL 51) that has been revised during the year of application. Click the link to view and print the form (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader).

11.  Pass the Traffic Law test. You are allowed 3 chances.

Once you have completed all the above steps, you will be issued a Commercial Driver PERMIT. This means you can only drive a Class A or Class B vehicle with a person who has a valid California driver license in that class and is of required age.

Steps to Apply for California Driver License (CDL) in Stockton, CA

1.      Make an appointment with your local DMV.

2.      Bring the type of vehicle for the class you want to apply.

3.      Pass a pre-trip inspection test. You are allowed 3 chances.

4.      Pass a skills test. You are allowed 3 chances.


Submit a Certificate of Driving Skill (Form DL 170) signed by certified employers (must have Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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