Steps to Getting Your CDL in Tacoma

1.      Sign up for CDL training classes at our Tacoma, Washington truck driving school by clicking the link below. Classes only take a few weeks to complete, so don’t hesitate and get started today!

Apply for Tacoma, Washington CDL Training

2.      Apply for CDL Instruction Permit:

a.      Pass the knowledge test.

b.      Bring current driver license and Social Security number.

c.      Pay $10 application fee (cash, check, MasterCard or American Express credit/debit, some Visa debit cards accepted).

3.      INTER-state (drive to other states) drivers must keep a current medical examiner’s certificate on file at the DoL. You must self-certify in person.

4.      Complete training requirements. Training school will give you a certificate of completion to bring to DoL office. Must be the original, no copies.
An employer can type and sign a employer certification to bring to the office if they are registered with the DoL.
Military truck driver training is eligible with a Commercial Drivers Military Training certificate from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

5.      Take a drug and alcohol test.

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