TDA Drivers Truck Driver Job Placement Program

One of the most important aspects to a truck driving school is their job placement program for graduates. For a school to be listed on our website they must have a successful truck driver job placement program to ensure you will get a job after graduating.

TDA Drivers has put forth many resources to help graduates find suitable employment. Because of their reputation for training quality truck drivers, many trucking companies come to TDA Drivers for help filling their needs for new truck drivers.

Whether you’re looking for an OTR (over-the-road), tanker, beverage, construction flatbed, logging or refuse transfer truck driving position, the TDA Drivers job placement staff can and will help you get a job.

Questions about TDA Drivers Job Placement Program

What is the success rate of the TDA Drivers’ job placement program?

TDA Drivers’ job placement program finds jobs for % of their graduates.

What companies hire TDA Drivers’ graduates?

Central Refrigerated Services Inc.

Do recruiters come to TDA Drivers?


Does TDA Drivers offer lifetime job referral?



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