TDA Drivers Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from happy and successful graduates of the TDA Drivers CDL training and truck driving school.



The following testimonials about TDA Drivers have been gathered from around the internet.

“TDA Drivers is a good school. I NAILED the tests, 100% on all of them. The instructors were great both in the classroom and in the yard. Make sure you listen to them and do what they tell you.” - Found on The Truckers Report

“I went to TDA in Yuba City and had no problem getting my license and a job” - Found on The Truckers Report

“My nephew went to TDA and he said they have good trainers and he got a good job after graduating.” - Found on The Truckers Report

“I am currently a student in Sacramento at TDA. All of my instructors thus far have been great.” - Found on The Truckers Report

“Good school to get you into trucking… They have two axle trucks with sleepers and they are one of the few who take you around n a 53′. Overall experience was pleasant and I highly recommend TDA.” – Found on The Truckers Report

“Overall, it was a good experience for me and I learned a lot.” – Found on The Truckers Report


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